Welcome to The Bempp Handbook

Bempp is a platform for the assembly of boundary integral operators in Python. It offers the following features:

  • Assembly of all the standard integral kernels for Laplace, Helmholtz, modified Helmholtz, and electromagnetic problems.

  • Support for AVX2 and AVX-512 Vectorisation on CPU platforms.

  • GPU assembly on Intel, AMD, and Nvidia GPU platforms.

  • A comprehensive operator algebra that makes it easy to formulate complex product operator formulations.

  • Import and export in a number of standard formats, including Gmsh and VTK.

There are two versions of Bempp available, a legacy version, which is Bempp 3.3.4, and a new development version Bempp-cl 0.1.0. The latter version is essentially feature complete for the dense assembly of operators, provides advanced support for AVX2 and AVX-512 instruction sets, and supports GPUs. The advantage of the legacy version is the mature H-Matrix arithmetic that allows the solution of very large problems. Currently, Bempp-cl only supports the dense assembly of operators and is therefore restricted to problems in the dimension of a few ten thousand (or around 100,000 using a specific dense evaluator mode on GPUs). Support for large-scale problems is one of the main working areas for Bempp-cl. This handbook focuses completely on Bempp-cl.

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